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The Little Prints Nest offers pretty, playful, practical, personalized printed paper products - the promised land for avid stationery collectors and paper lovers.


But at its core, The Little Prints Nest is about using printables and printed products to show people you care and help people, including yourself, feel good in today’s troubled times. From greeting cards that come with the gift of time and thought, to gift packaging products that aim to delight the recipients, no matter how big or small, costly or inexpensive the gift inside. From printed products that capture precious memories or help create fun new ones, to printables that simply make day-to-day living easier and more pleasurable.


Professionally, I am a marketing practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the advertising and television industries. But me at heart?

I am an avid collector of stationery products which now fill up a small cabinet (and a few boxes) I have at home. Most of these products I find too pretty to actually use so I even have note papers dating back to grade school which I still love to this day!

I started designing and selling stationery and other novelty paper products back in 2010 and was especially successful at selling a line of Write 'N' Wipe magnets. But I put my stationery business on hold for a few years to pursue other business ventures and only recently decided to go back to doing what I love.

I enjoy and find great fulfillment in creating innovative products that are useful but also beautifully designed, things that a paper lover like myself would love to add to the collection.

So this shop is my playground.

Hope you'll have as much fun using (or simply collecting) my products as much as I've had creating them!

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