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Running a business, especially if you have just started, means being on top of all aspects of operations. From the daily requirements to  long-term strategic planning, being self-employed certainly means having a lot on your plate. And while as a new business owner you would probably want to focus on the product or service itself along with day-to-day operations, other areas need your attention too, if the business is to grow.

One important aspect of running a business is marketing, specifically advertising and promotions. And this is where we can offer a little bit of help. Maybe one item on your to-do list that you can quickly check off.

When the world was struck by the pandemic early last year and countries went on lockdown one by one, being stuck at home while the world around us was changing gave rise to the need for quick and easy access to relevant information. And unsurprisingly, social media stepped up to answer this need.

From news about the virus, to ever-changing community guidelines, and of course, where to source basic needs without leaving home, we all turned to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Viber, and others to quickly get access to much-needed information. And with everyone seeking the information in these platforms, business owners were quick to recognize the opportunity provided by these platforms to directly reach out to customers who were already looking for the products and services they were offering.

But this soon resulted in an avalanche of ads for food products, PPEs, online tutorials, work-from-home & distance learning essentials, and other high demand products offered by a multitude of entrepreneurs. So now more than ever, it is essential that your Facebook or Instagram post, Viber or Marketplace ad be able to represent your brand well, communicate your competitive advantages clearly, and rise above the clutter.

And once you do get to make the sale, what little things can you do to help retain the customer and get repeat business?

Fortunately there is no need to take too much time away from cooking, packing PPEs, or your Zoom sessions to address this.

Send us an email and we can discuss everything from a simple Viber ad, to branded thank you or note cards, a catalogue, or even a full sales presentation.




Please email so we can discuss your requirements.

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