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For anyone who’s ever been frustrated trying to think of the perfect gift for someone special, something one-of-a-kind that can’t just be bought by anyone in the mall, this is it! This is the most thoughtful, priceless, heartfelt gift that will show how much you care and is guaranteed to delight your spouse, significant other, friend, or family member.

​Who wouldn’t want the privilege of being able to just whip out a coupon and get such “gifts” as :

  • Having errands being run for him/her

  • Foot rubs and back rubs 

  • Having someone patiently listen to him/her rant about something

  • Hugs whenever needed

As the person who gave the gift coupons, the minute the birthday girl or boy hands you any of these, you just have to fulfill whatever the coupon says. May not be so great for you, but for the recipient, it’s more than a dozen unique gifts in one and it’s the gift that lasts all the way until the next birthday!

Each set comes with twelve (12) pre-printed gift coupons and six (6) blank ones so you can get creative and make up your own “gifts” tailor-made for the recipient, to reference those private jokes or grant a wish that only you have the power to do so!




For customized designs, please

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